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"SCOREBOARD ELECTRONIC DISPLAY SYSTEM" is a suite consisting of several components, which together form a system to record and display results from curling games.

Devices, such as monitors and tablets, are held together in composite systems that are associated with a rink. In a four-rink system, for example, four network systems are defined with the following components: At least 4 monitors with touchscreen, or 4 monitors without touchscreen plus 4 controllers on a tablet, a broker, the cockpit together with the CMS (Content Management System, i.e. one system to create and manage websites). In order to transfer results to the Rinkmaster, the "Rinkmaster Interface" must also be used.

The graphic below illustrates this. The graphic also shows that several monitors can be assigned in a network (e.g. one in the “Curlingstübli”)

The suite consists of the following components:

Scoreboard TV

"Scoreboard TV" is primarily intended for displaying the results on a television monitor with Android TV. If the monitor is equipped with a touchscreen, the component can also be used as an input device for results (instead of "Scoreboard Control"). "Scoreboard TV" can also be used in a two-monitor system. In this case, the display is on two monitors.

Scoreboard Control

"Scoreboard Control" is an Android app designed for tablets. However, the app can also be used in smartphones, although use in the field should be checked.

Scoreboard Cockpit

In the "Scoreboard Cockpit", networks are configured, devices set up and games started/stopped. In addition, posters can be displayed on the monitors from the cockpit. Posters are websites that are created in the CMS (Content Management System).